Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have a bug to pick with Alienware. Don't get me wrong I love my laptopn, m17x. But, I have had so many problems with this damn laptop. I have replaced absolutely everything in the laptop, including cpu gfx and even the motherboard. I have also sent it to the repair center twice. After all that I still have to call Alienware cause they put 2 different graphics cards in my laptop.

On top of that, they also supplied me with a windows 7 key that is fake and not genuine. I mean really? That is ridiculous. Good thing I had an extra key or they would have gotten an ear full. But, I still have to contact them to get another graphics card. 

Well all I have to say technical sucks but customer service is great, they have been trying to help and fix me but the technical team just has not been there