Friday, September 20, 2013

Great News for the Vita

So the Playstation Vita has not been performing very well to be honest. Which is sad because it has the power and features to be a killer platform. The problem is that there is no software supporting the platform. Vita has been on a climb since it has become the Indie platform of choice lately with major releases such as Hotline Miami.

This is all about to change though, in TGS, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Frontier G will be heading to the Vita. This is major news, with the return of the series back to Sony platforms, you will see the Vita sales sky rocket in Japan. Monster Hunter has to be one of the most popular series to hit Japan! I am more than excited about this news as Monster Hunter, for the PS2, was my all time favorite game.

Now the sad news, there is no plan for Western Release yet, I assume they are awaiting for the reception of the game. I am hoping that they do decide to bring thegame over here. Apparently, Monster Hunter G Frontier is an MMO of sorts set in the Monster Hunter universe, which definitely sounds appealing to me. Now, with the dual analog sticks of the Vita, Monster Hunter will finally feel like it is intended to on a handheld system!

Here is to hoping for a western release of this hallmark series.

What are your thoughts about the news of Monster Hunter coming to the Vita?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

GTAV 1st Impressions

1st Impressions.

Driving is a lot easier than in GTAIV. Its not like Saints Row where you are magnetized to the ground though, there is a good mix between control and physics in the driving. So you shouldn't be driving all over the place like in GTAIV, but I still do because I can.

Shooting is really fun. They have an auto aim mechanic like GTAIV makes it a little easier but more fun. Of course you do not need to use that though so its all good.

The opening sequence is a lot of fun and introduces 2 of the main characters. The crazy guy and the ex-con. The thug is really fun to play. I find that all the characters have a lot of personality and you can relate with them better than you can with Niko. It actually feels like San Andreas because you can level each character individually by going to the gym, bike riding, etc...

So far the story is being driven quite smoothly, still haven't had all three characters meet up yet. One thing that is cool, is the switching between characters. It is totally seamless in the game play and is executed quite nicely. The only real time I had with it is the first mission and me switching to the pet dog.

The last thing that I am just completely floored about is the load times. There simply just isn't any, going from mission to mission doesn't require any just does it. Quite fantastic if you ask me, definitely a technological marvel for this current generation of games. It totally feels Next-gent, just doesn't quite look the part.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Razer Blackwidow - Impressions

I recently purchased the Razer Blackwidow for work. This is the Mac edition of the keyboard, though I am using it on Windows. I purchased this version for 2 reasons, 1) I didn’t want the backlighting at work 2) It was $47 compared to $99 at the time of purchase.

 First things is first, I am coming from a membrane keyboard to my first mechanical keyboard. I just want to say how awesome the keyboard feels when typing. The Blackwidow utilizes Cherry MX Blue switches, which means it gives you both audible and tactile feedback when you type on the keyboard. The force used to press down a key is not much at all which makes typing on the keyboard easy and less stressful on the hands.

 The purpose for me purchasing the keyboard was to relieve some stress on my hands as well as having some sort of feedback when I am programming. Also the macro keys help a lot with launching programs that I use a lot. So I am definitely thankful for this.

 The build quality of the keyboard is simply fantastic. It definitely has some weight to the board itself and there is little to know wiggle of the keys. I must admit when I first got the keyboard, the ‘H’ key was getting stuck on the downpress, but after using the ‘H’ key for about 15 seconds it stopped getting stuck, I believe there was something stuck within the mechanical part that was causing the problem. Since then, no keys have been giving me problem.

 The keyboard is stealth black with a simple blue illuminated Razer logo on the bottom. This keyboard is perfect if you do not want a flashy keyboard. The noise on keypress is not even mildly annoying, as I was afraid of this. When you get used to the keyboard you can type without bottoming out the key which greatly reduces the noise the keyboard produces.

 I have noticed when programming, that I can type faster and a lot more accurate with my key presses. What I like is that I know when I miss a key audibly or when I accidentally hit two keys at once. All in all this is one nice feeling keyboard. I plan on picking up an Ultimate Edition for my gaming pc at home just because I like how much this feels. It seriously is a joy to use.