Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Video: VLOG (Day 2) - Nail in my tire

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Introducing my first App

So I would like to announce that I released my first Android application onto the Play Store. It will also soon be available on the Amazon App store as well. This is very exciting.

Introducing: LENDEE!  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sin.Android.SimpleLenderManager

Lendee is the smart and easy way to manage lent items! Everyone lets friends and families borrow toys and other items. Lendee is the smart tool to keep track of everyone and everything that you have let borrowed. 

Never forget an item again!

You ever have that friend that always asks to borrow your things? Then LENDEE is your app! That same friend never return your items? Then LENDEE is your app!

Lendee will make EVERYONE accountable for what they have borrowed. It is just up to you to enter the information and get your items back!!!

- Smart and clean list of all items lent
- Detailed View
- Add pictures to items


Lendee is the premier go-to Lender manager! (Based on the survey of 1 person, thats 100% approval rating)
Lendee can fight off bears! Not proven at all, wouldn't try it
Lendee won the national worldwide intercontinental award for app design Award by Sin-Tek
*These awards may or may not be serious *

Monday, June 9, 2014

Battlefield Hardline (BETA RIGHT NOW)

I don't know how I feel about this game. I feel like there is way too much destruction to for a heist. From the trailer the heist was for 20k$... seems like WAY too much trouble to go through for that much money. It just doesn't seem realistic what so ever, especially with the crane dropping and all that jazz.

But I'll be honest, the game does look awesome. And you know what, you can sign up RIGHT NOW for the BETA! All you need to do is sign-up for the hardline beta from www.battlefield.com Also if you have Battlefield 4, only on the PS4, you can go ahead and download the PS4 from the menu screen after highlighting the Battlefield 4 game area!


New Mass Effect

Well that is great news, it seems like there is a new Mass Effect game coming out Bioware. Announced, or rather teased, during the EA Press Conference at E3. Teased to be a huge universe where you can travel to a substantial amount of planets.

I'm going to be honest, I haven't played the original trilogy, which is a shame, but I am quite excited for this announcement. This will definitely be an intense game! 

No platforms were announced, but we can only assume it will come out to Next-gen consoles and PC. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Loadout PS4

So big news today, a huge PC game Loadout, has been announced as a console exclusive for the Playstation 4. Why is this big news? Because, this game is wickedly fun and competitive. Think, Team Fortress 2, with 10x more gore and weapon customization.

In fact, the big draw to the game is the "Billions of combinations" you can make for your weapon. I have played it on the PC, and I have spent a good 2 hours on just creating my weapons. Creating laser beams, rocket launchers, and assault rifles...the choice is yours.

Also, according to the developers, it is not going to be a straight port either. They are going to rework the balance of the game to make it feel at home on the Dualshock 4. This is great news, shows that they are going to put some time and effort into bringing their game to the Playstation 4.

Anways, I am quite excited for this pre-E3 announcement. My personal views on it are that I can't wait for it to come out so I can wreck some people with the Hammer, which is their form of capture the flag. I am skeptical on playing the game with the controller because I tried on the PC and I felt severely hindered. But, if they re-balance the game that will be perfect.

The trailer is just below.