Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly Gaming Update - Killing People with Jets

Here are my updates for this week in gaming. It has been a big week after all!

First off, I definitely fell for the hype of Pokemon. So much in fact, that I went out and purchased a new Crimson Red 3DS just so I can play Pokemon Y. It is my only game for the system and I am definitely proud of that fact. I love the game so much, much has changed since the old days and everything definitely for the better.

When I am not playing Pokemon, I have been diving into the universe of Grand Theft Auto V Online. The game had a terribly rocky start and I was rather disappointed, espcecially coming from such a studio such as Rockstar. But the wait was well worth it, now that things are relatively stable online, I can fully enjoy the game. I have taken a comrade with me online and I have experienced endless fun messing with other players and just overall jackassery online. Highlights include stealing fighter jets and blowing everyone up on the map that I can before crashing into a building....and then proceeding to kill someone with the remains of my jet. 

My PS+ membership is definitely paying off this month. I have been diving into Kingdoms of Amular ever since that was released on the PS+ for free. Shadow of the colossus is  free as well as Hotline Miami. Big name games are going up for grabs this month and this makes me very happy. Especially when I was thinking about picking up those titles just last week. Makes me really happy that I get to save some cash. PS+ was definitely worth the money to get all these games playable.

Just a quick Tech update, some big news came out today from Apple, and I am not talking about the new products....I could care less for that sort of things. The biggest news that I thought was, for a company that focuses on getting money from whichever way they can from the consumer...that they released OS X Mavericks for free to upgrade. Now that surprised me a lot. 

Other than that, not much to update on. I expect to live stream some Bastion or whatever else I want to play on PC this week. I will be live streaming and creating a lot more videos once I get my PS4...I am more of console player if I am going to be truthful. Though I do love my mouse and keyboard. 

Till Next Time, 
Stay Sinsiter

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finally, Drakengard 3!

The first big PS2 game that I played growing up was Drakengard. It had absolutely everything that I ever wanted in a video game, Dragons and lots of fighting. Being able to control the dragon was a huge bonus. Plus, the story was amazing. What brought me to the game was the fact that you can obtain a ton of weapons and each weapon leveled up and evolved. It gave me a reason to look all over the map and perform challenges to be able to collect all the weapons. The games story was amazing, even including multiple endings and scenarios when you finished the game.
So here I am, browsing Twitter where I read as status that Drakengard 3 is coming to the west. This makes me unbelievably happy and I am definitely going to be picking up the title. The only disappointing thing about this, is that it is releasing in 2014 and on the PS3. This is where the streaming of PS3 games to the PS4 works well. Because I will probably end up doing that if the title is available on the service, as well as my internet can handle the service. If not, i will be looking forward to upgrading my internet service to accomadate the demands of next-gen consoles.
I only saw some brief pictures of the title and I am extremely excited about it. In fact I know little to NOTHING about it, but I am going to read up on it. My excitement is purely based on how much I loved Drakengard on PS2 and that's all I need to buy the game.
Image from VG24/7