Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Video: Sades Spellond - Budget Gamer Review!

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Overview: This is a great headset! I thoroughly enjoy the headset as it is comfortable and all my team mates can hear me LOUD and CLEAR when I talk. Music is a pleasure to listen to and over extended periods of use, the headset DOES NOT hurt my ears.. Because the pads cover my ears the headset doesn't put pressure on them, allowing for glorious amounts of hours of game time.


- Music is clear with great Lows
- Mic Quality is surprisingly good
- Very comfortable
- Boom mic is hidden in ear cup.
- Beautiful Design
- Well Crafted
- Braided Cable


- Has some weight. They are more on the heavy side
- After 5 hours of using them my ears became warm. Quickly remedied by taking them off for 5 minutes.

*Full Disclosure: I recieved this product from Sades to Review, with that all opinions are 100% honest *

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015