Thursday, December 5, 2013

Long Overdue

This is long overdue, but for good reason. I have VERY busy with my PS4. I got it a day early and have not stopped playing it. But, enough with the excuses, I will detail my experience thus far with the new Playstation 4. 

I received my PS4 on Thursday which was definitely a pleasant surprise. I was Ready to get to play, I purchased Assassin's Creed 4, FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Need for Speeed: Rivals. Needless to say I was stoked. 

That first day I spent about an hour and a half in each game getting the feel for it. I will have more detailed Reviews of each in the coming weeks. Here are some preliminary thoughts about those games plus DC Universe Online, ContrastResogunWarframe, and Blacklight: Retribution. These were free games, either free-to-play or PS+

AC4 - GREAT GAME! Probably my favorite title of the series as of yet. The ship battles are glorious and everything about it seem so much smoother. The visuals are unparallelled, I feel like I am in the Caribbean. There are some free running bugs and I always hate running up the wrong building. Note: Already Beat. 

CoD - Unfortunately the story was convoluted and lackluster. I beat it very fast which was sad. The multiplayer on the other hand is definitely the best yet. The controller is so much suited for FPS titles now. It feels...fantastic to say the least.

FIFA 14 - JUST WOW. Animations, crowds, and physics feel so realistic. A huge step up for the series.

NFS: R - Best arcade racing game yet. It is Burnout Paradise mixed with Demon Souls. It is hard but a lot of fun. The cars look insanely good and the environments look even better. The power behind the PS4 is amazing

Resogun - It is Super Stardust on roids, it is made by the same people. A lot of fun just like Super Stardust HD.  FREE WITH PS+

Contrast - creepy puzzle game. Haven't played much. FREE WITH PS+

Warframe - Really cool dungeon crawler-esque game where you control a warframe (you can change your type) and shoot and kill and complete missions. Littered with micro transactions as it is a Free-2-play game. But I find it a lot of fun

DCUO - Really fun FREE MMORPG for the PS4. I play with my brother which is nice. You can create a superhero and there are tons of options. 

Blacklight - An Alpha build (Very buggy) FPS multiplayer game. Also F2P, doesn't have many micro transactions as of yet but unlike Warframe it is not pay to win. Which is nice. You can be really good without spending a single di0me in the game. 


The system is so much better than the PS3. My favorite feature by far is the fact that we can play different games and we can talk to each other. You need to hook it up online man if not for that fact alone. I also love that I can buy a game while playing a game and that downloads never pause even when you play online. The standby mode is very nice where it downloads and installs updates to your games with it in a super-low-power state. 

The system is inconspicuous and yet so stylish. The subtle glowing line is a very nice touch. It just a marvelous piece of machinery. 

I experience no slow-down when I am doing a million and 1 things on the machine. It is incredible and it is only bound to get better which is awesome.