Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Google buys Twitch: Thoughts

So, what is the big news this week? Well, it might just be that Google (YouTube) is trying to purchase Twitch.tv for $1 Billion. Now, because of this there are numerous people in a panic on how Google is going to ruin Twitch. How Google is going to force people to use Google+ on Twitch. Here are my opinions on the matter.

First off, Google will most definitely not force users to use Google+ on Twitch. I say this as they have already begun abandoning the total integration of Google+. It has been a commercial failure, especially with the integration of YouTube and G+. For goodness sake, the father of G+ actually left Google, probably to run away from the scrutiny he was receiving internally about the failures. So, I do not see this integration of G+ and Twitch happening.

What I do see happening is Google will allow Twitch to govern and run itself independently, but with the addition of the financial support of Google. This will only allow Twitch to grow as a service and hopefully be more reliable. That would definitely be the best case scenario for all of this.

I do think that people freaking out about it is uncalled for. Monetization and copyright will probably end up acting the same way that it is currently. At least, that is what I am hoping for. I mean what do I know? I barely have any twitch followers as much as I want to have more, I think it is hard to get into now that it is over saturated.