Friday, September 19, 2014

The Grind is Real

So I right now I am level 22 in Destiny. Its a pretty good level, Heroic Strikes are a little easier and I get opportunities  to get some rare, legendary, and exotic engrams. So, how am I level 22, when the cap is 20? Well first off when  you hit level 20, you can start gathering armor that has an attribute called Light. This attribute can actually raise your level. So, with that, the better gear you have the higher level you will be. 

So instead of restricting raids and stuff on "Gear level", they can restrict you based on your level. Case in point, the raid Vault of Mirrors is locked until you reach level 26! So, I am currently grinding for some better gear. The Cryptarch is not helping either, I got a Legendary yesterday!....for a different class. Which is mildly frustrating to say the least. 

I found a couple good spots to farm some engrams but none have really been giving my anything of any use. With that, I have been playing in the Crucible and I have been getting way better gear than decrypting engrams. So that is  what I have been doing lately. 

So far, Week 1 has been a success and I am having a total blast with this game!