Monday, January 20, 2014

First Play: Trine 2 - Complete Story

Yesterday I purchased Trine 2 - Complete Story for the PS4. I was looking for a fun, engaging, and challenging co-op game. These are hard to come by, especially for the Playstation 4. It was between Trine 2 and Tiny Brains; I will inevitably purchase both in the end, but I went ahead and got Trine 2 first. 

Finding a game that my girlfriend will enjoy was the priority for the purchase, and I must say it was worth it. We have only spent about 2 hours with the game, but we are thoroughly enjoying the game. My girlfriend, Kim, loves to play as the Thief, Zoya. Using the grappling hook is her favorite mechanic so far, even if she does complain that the game is a little too hard. See, she is relatively new to gaming, only playing Mario games before; so finding a game she can enjoy is quite difficult. 

Personally, my first impression of the game is that it is stunning. I can not wait to venture forth into the different environments as what I have seen far is breathtaking. The environments feel very organic and alive and I constantly catch myself just staring into the backgrounds as Kim fights hordes of monsters. 

The puzzle elements of the game constantly keep us thinking about how to get to new heights and acquire more XP. Fighting is fun and equally hilarious finding new ways to vanquish the enemies with different combinations from the heroes. Kim and I have vowed that we will platinum the game and earn all the trophies, that is how much we are enjoying the game. On top of beautiful environments, top-notch puzzles, the story pretty engaging as well. We haven't learned the reason why the Trine reached out to us, but we are itching to play more to find out the reason. 

A proper review will come in the future, when we get further into the game. But as of right now, I would totally recommend it to everyone. Especially, for those who want a fun local co-op game to enjoy with friends and significant others.