Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Opinion: EA and Microsoft paying Youtuber

Here is my whole opinion on what is going on with the whole EA and Microsoft paying Youtubers to say good things about them. First off, you can not blame the Youtubers, this is their job and they need money, yes they ahve the decision to either comply with them or not. I'm pretty sure most of them believe what they are saying also, of course they are the few that will do it just for the money.

You know what, who cares? If a video is coming off like an advertisment...then it probably is. Take what you see on Youtube with a grain a salt, do more research than watching one persons video. This is being blown way out of proportion to begin with. It is common practice and people need to get over it, thinking of it as infomercials....or product placements within movies. 

With that, I can see how people may be upset with the situation. They are thinking their favorite Youtuber is being pressured to report on something they might like. Which is a reasonable reason to be upset, but one has to see that this is their job. Watch more footage of gameplay and form your own opinions. That is what is important, that you form your OWN opinion about stuff and not play/buy something just because your favorite Youtuber said he liked it.

What really is pissing me off is King trying to trademark "candy" and going after smaller companies with "saga" and "candy" in it. Their excuse for going after The Banner Saga is completely ludacris. I'm hoping some companies form an appeal for the trademark to put King into their place. They are basically bullies right now. 

What are your thoughts/opinions on this? 
Have you been in a situation where you recieved money for saying good things about a company?